Makes a great place to start your course, providing authentic taste and flavor from the very beginning of the meal. Indian starters include some mouthwatering bold tastes as well as traditional snacks.


An important part of Indian cuisine providing necessary proteins, prepared from different kinds of flours of grains. Usually of neutral taste, they make a great pair with curries.


Curry, derived from Tamil word “Kari”, meaning “sauce”, it is an integral part of Indian food seasoned with different authentic spices. Usually served as main course, goes with rice and bread equally well.


Heart of Indian main course, making a great source of carbs in Indian diet. Most are served as stand-alone dishes, needing no pair other than aromatic and authentic spices they are cooked with.


A meal is never complete without a dessert to end it, bringing sweetness to your meal as well as your day, Indian desserts show yet another food delicacy. If you have a sweet tooth, you may wish it were the only course of the meal.